Rob Decker: Husband, Father, Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker

Rob's primary objective is to share his story of a failed suicide attempt that led to a relationship with God. He suffered many years of sadness, anger, confusion and fed that with drugs, alcohol and bad relationships. With the help of God, he was able to turn his story into one of forgiveness, understanding, and love. His desire is to inspire, encourage, and give hope to those who have had similar battles.

Rob Decker: Falling Into You

My eyes slowly opened and as they began to focus I found myself staring at darkness…small points of light shining in the distance…the moonlight barely lighting the night.  My mind snapped into focus as I became acutely aware of the searing pain that ran through my entire body and my eyes slammed shut.  I tried to breathe but struggled to take shallow short breaths. I tasted blood and I felt a hot tear run down my cheek.  I heard voices.. yelling…the crunch of glass.  Why did God let me live?   The world faded away....

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