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IMG 0425My fitness ministry brings faith and fitness into the same building as we strengthen you from the inside out. The focus is to equip you spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally though love of God.


• NASM Certified
• FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
• Precision Nutrition
• Kettlebell Certified
• Pre/Post Natal
• Past Certs: NCEP & ACSM


• Rehabilitation • SAQ • Plyometrics • Circuit • Strength Conditioning • Weight loss • Cardio Zone Training


  • Rob Decker helped me lose around 100 pounds in less than a year! And yes, he made me push his car! ~ A.J. (36 year old family man)
  • Rob gave me the confidence to understand free weights and machines at my local gym. Now I feel like I know what I’m doing on my own. ~ Nick (High School Student)
  • I developed a heart condition due to an unhealthy lifestyle and bad decisions on my part. Rob helped me develop good strength conditioning even though my condition hindered me so. Thanks for showing me techniques that I can use to continually improve.  ~ Goran (Actor)
  • Rob is helping me with shoulder mobility and strengthening due to sports injury. I have come a long ways with his help. Thanks Rob! (Paul, NFL)
  • As a fitness professional and someone needing rehabilitation from a neck and hip surgery, I hired Rob to keep me on track with my workouts and motivation to continue. I admire his style of training and his own personal story. ~ Marcia (70 years old, fitness professional)
  • Rob has encourage me not just to stay in shape, but has also been an inspiration for me to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. ~ Eugene

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